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Hosiery World - All About Socks, Tights and Pantyhose for the entire family

Pantyhose are they good or bad


Pantyhose is a staple component in women’s fashion. It does not just give you a sense of style but it also gives support in your legs and your tummy. It depends on the style and type of pantyhose you need.There are dressy pantyhose, compression, shapewear and many more. There are a lot of pantyhose to choose from as time goes by the technology in creating different pantyhose grew. We still have the basic pantyhose but more and more types and style emerge. Pantyhose can help prevent swelling around the ankles, feet, and legs, a condition that’s common during long car rides and flights, and among people who are overweight, who have circulation issues, who are pregnant, or who take certain medications. They may be especially helpful for people who find themselves with swelling at the end of a long workday on their feet, like teachers, waiters, and surgeonS.

But then if you’re prone to urinary tract infections or any skin infections, you may want to play down the pantyhose in your fall wardrobe. Their synthetic material retains warmth and moisture, which allows bacteria and yeast to thrive, says Radhika Rible, MD, an ob-gyn and assistant clinical professor at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. Also pantyhose plus ill-fitting shoes can spell trouble for your tootsies. Calluses are the result of a buildup of tissue that forms when your foot tries to protect itself from extra pressure or friction.

There are Pros and cons in wearing pantyhose, just make sure to properly pick the right size and lets give our legs a breather from time to time besides nothing beats the smoothness and feel of the real skin.

Barely There Bras

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If you are searching for a bra that gives comfort and smooth lines that will enhance your shape , then Barely There bras is perfect. Barely There bras are created for one purpose, it is to make you feel good and look good. Barely There Bras are designed to fit easily that gives that comfy feel most women are looking for. Barely There use a wide range of smooth fabrics giving out the silky smooth feel. Soft stretch quality fabric plus cups with light padding creates great shape.

“When you look good, you feel good. Confidence with what you’re wearing is very important. If you feel good, you will always perform your best without worrying about anything.” Quoted from Maria Sharapova that Barely There totally agrees with. Barely There’s mission is to provide happiness by producing bras that fits amazingly and looks fabulous.

In selecting a bra that will perfectly show your curves, you need to know your measurements because some will choose a badly fitted bra that will ride up to your back indicating that the band is too loose. If there are bulges out the side of the cup under the arm, under the cup or over that means they need to change the cup size. Bra experts recommend that women, especially those who are larger in cup size, get professional bra fitting from the lingerie store. Any woman that has to continually adjust her bra or experiences general discomfort, should get a new fitting.

Make sure to try out Barely There bras it will surely give you the feel of comfort and the fabulous look women are aiming for. HosieryandMore offers a variety of Barely There Bras that will give you the confidence to look good inside and out!

Shapewear from Bali


Shapewear is a woman’s savior! Most women spent few years as a lingerie buyer and have been able to try a good few different items by different brands. One of the most trusted brand is Bali. Bali continues to live up to the their reputation as one of the best leading brands in the US and all over the world. They continue to uphold their belief, that beauty comes from within its the confidence of a woman that makes her shine. Bali always make sure that the intimates they make from bras to shapewear are comfortable and gives out a perfect curve.

Bali have been creating wondrous underwear for women. They understand where and how to emphasize women’s curves. Great looking shapewear from Bali accentuates curves by firming and shaping whilst being incredibly comfortable and affordable. If you haven’t worn a shapewear before, don’t be afraid if it looks tiny, slide it on slowly and let it do its magic. Always buy your correct size to ensure it does what it’s meant to. Be really careful with washing, these items are very fragile. Some shapewear items can get a bit ‘staticy’ when wearing under satin or silk – a spray of anti-static hosiery spray will stop sticking.

Bali understand that women of all shapes and sizes want to look and feel their best and so it is with love and understanding, that Hosieryandmore bring you shapewear from Bali, it is an essential wardrobe basics every woman should own! Shapewear from Bali gives out the confidence and curves every woman desire.

Why girls need high quality tights

Since tights were released in the market, many girls and women have enjoyed wearing them, because they can really help to shape their body and they also keep them warmer in those cold winter days.  Girls need high quality tights, because these will also keep their skin better protected and they will not dry it, as some of the poor quality models do.  If you are interested in high quality tights for your young girls or for yourself, it would be a wise idea to take a look at Hosiery and More as this website has the best quality tights that you can find right now.


The prices at this online store are also quite fantastic, as they are very affordable and this means that you can know get some tights for your girl or yourself.  Not only will you feel better wearing one of these, but you will also look a lot better too and this will make you feel very good about yourself.  If you don’t want your girls to scratch her legs or some boys to be looking up her skirt, buying her some high quality tights is an excellent way to avoid these problems and this is one of the reasons more girls are now wearing these types of clothing items.

At Hosiery and More you will find a lot of different styles and colors of tights, which will make it easy for your girl or yourself to combine them with your favorite clothes and to feel very comfortable with them.


Have you never worn thermal clothing?

There are many people who suffer during the winter months, because they simply cannot stand the cold temperatures.  Even with some of the latest heating technology, many people still feel very cold and they have extreme problems getting out of their house.  Many of these people have chosen to wear some thermal clothing, as they have learned that this is one of the most efficient ways to keep their bodies warm.


Most thermal clothing models are made out of very warming materials, which adhere perfectly to the body and keep the heat from getting out.  If you have never worn some of the thermal clothing models available today, you have certainly been missing on spending some very warm winter months and it would be a smart thing to start considering wearing some of them this winter.  When you decide to buy some thermal clothing, you should definitely visit Hosiery and More, because there is simply no other online store that offers such great opportunities on this type of clothing as this one.

Hosiery and More is a website that specializes in many different types of clothing and you will certainly find something for all the members of your family.  Winter can be really harsh in some parts of the world and this is why dressing appropriately is very important.  If you do not want to suffer from cold this winter, you need to visit this online store and get yourself some thermal clothing, which will really keep you warm, not like some of the other ones out there.

Hosiery and More is the right place to purchase a bra.


There are many different types of bras available for women these days and sometimes it can be very hard to decide, which the best model for you is.  If this is happening to you right now, there is no better place to buy your new bras from, than Hosiery and More.  This online store has many different models of bras, but it also has a great explanation and review about each one of them.  This can really help you to decide, which the best bras for you are and this is why many women have already chosen to make this online store, their number one choice when it comes to buying bras.

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Pullovers are the best for your children


 Some parents are still not aware that dressing their children with some pullovers is one of the best choices that they have.  Not only will it be easier for parents to dress their children with some of these, but it will also be a lot more comfortable for the child and they will actually want to get dressed.  There are many children that are not comfortable with normal pants and shirts, yet it is important to teach them that dressing nicely is very important.  With some of the newest pullovers in the market, it is now possible to accomplish this and because of this, more parents are deciding that dressing their children with pullovers is one of the best ideas they could have.


Once you start dressing your child with some nice pullovers, you will want to take more pictures with them and also the child will feel better when they are at school or with their friends.  Pullovers have been around for many years now, but there are now more models and designs to choose from.  If you want to find some of the newest and top quality pullovers in the market right now, there is no better place for you to look at than at Hosiery and More.  This online store, offers some of the nicest pullovers that you will find for your child and it is certainly one of the only stores that offers, completely unique pullovers.  Dressing your child with great clothes from Hosiery and More can make you feel great and this is why more families are getting some of these.

Men’s underwear is usually not hard to pick




Some of the most important clothing accessory for men is their underwear, as these will help them to keep cleaner all of the time and to be more hygienic as well.  Men’s underwear involves crew neck under shirts, v-neck under shirts, briefs, boxers and much more.  Some men are simply not accustomed to wearing a shirt underneath their normal shirt, yet they probably do not know about all of the benefits and why so many men choose to wear them.  Deciding to get some of these shirts is smart, because it can help you to sweat less, even if you have more clothes and to smell nicer.  When looking for shirts to wear underneath your common shirt, there is no better place to visit than Hosiery and More, because it is simply the place where you will find the best men’s underwear right now.  Continue reading

How can you keep your boy’s feet clean?

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There are no simpler ways to keep your boy’s feet clean, than by making him wear some top quality socks.  These will resist daily use a lot more and they will also help to keep your boy’s feet a lot cleaner.  It is important to try and keep your boy’s feet as clean as possible, because some fungus and other problems can appear if they are not cleaned properly.  Socks for boys are available in many stores, but not all of them are very good.  This means that if you are looking for some socks for your boy, you need to visit Hosiery and More, as this site has some of the best quality socks for boys and you will have many models to choose from.

Keeping your boy’s feet clean is now easier than ever and even if you do not wash them, socks will definitely protect them from dirt, water and other things.  Most parents do not want their children to walk bare footed and this is why socks where invented.  If you are not capable of making your boy wear some socks, you should try buying him some of the models from Hosiery and More, because he will most surely like them.

Many boys are now wearing socks and keeping their feet cleaner with some of the socks sold at this website and even some parents are buying some for them here too.  Socks are important to everyone and if you want to protect your feet, wearing some top quality models is very important.

Dressing your child with style




It is important for every parent to try and dress their child with style, as this can help to boost up the child’s self esteem and to be much happier every day of their life.  Dressing in style is really something that helps to make people happier, because everyone wants to look good and if you start dressing your child in style at a very young age, they will learn to be very stylish as they grow up.  There are more people wanting to dress their children with style these days, than there were in the past and this has certainly helped to increase the variety of clothing accessories for children.  Years back, it was hard to find some stylish clothes for young children, but today if you visit websites like Hosiery and more you will find that there are many items that can make your child took great.


If you choose to dress your child with some of the clothing accessories from Hosiery and More they will look good as soon as you put the clothes on them and many people will tell you how great your child looks.  This will certainly make your child and you very happy and you will both want to be more sociable and to be seen out in public.

Dressing your child in style has many advantages, but it is important to choose the best clothes in the market, as some of the worst clothes, will not make your child look stylish.